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The Adventure Continues…

Hello World! It has been an incredibly long time since my last post (nearly 10 months!) and I have only recently begun to wonder to myself, ‘why the hiatus?’ It seems like only yesterday that I was going on about Turkey and yet so much has happened during my absence from the blogging world. While it is surprisingly difficult to keep an up-to-date account on one’s life while you’re constantly on the move, in all honesty, I’m sure that it boils down to general laziness. I apologize and I hope to correct my malfeasance immediately! It has been 1 year, 5 months since setting off on this adventure and the vast accumulation of travel stories, tips, and WTF moments has made me eager to share the journey with others. My aim is to post updates about the places I’ve already ventured and keep active with the places I’m heading. The posts will hopefully be entertaining, inspiring, and most of all, informative. It is uncanny the amount of travel information that is on the net and how much of it doesn’t answer the basic questions that all travelers have or don’t know they should be asking! Traveling continued full-heartedly after Turkey (June 2014) and led me on to Athens, the Peloponnese, Corfu, Andalucia and Barcelona, Portugal, Morocco, northern Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, London, back across the pond to my ‘home’ in Ohio, cross-country to my second ‘home’ in Oregon, all before trekking trans-Atlantic again to Ireland, the Lake District of England, Scotland, and currently, Shetland Island! I look forward to chipping away at the rust that has corroded my ability to write and perhaps form a nice patina in its place. Please, stay tuned for more travel updates in the coming days. And so, I leave you with this: A nurse walks into a patient’s room, glances over his chart, and retrieves a rectal thermometer from her coat pocket. Staring at the instrument she says, ‘Great, some asshole has my pen.’


Racing in Christchurch, New Zealand

On June 1st, 2014 I participated in the Christchurch Airport Half Marathon on the South Island of New Zealand. I say ‘participated’, instead of ‘competed’ because I was out of the mix from the start.

When I arrived in Dunedin, NZ in May, I was excited to continue my build up in training in preparation of this race. Unfortunately, my first run on the devastatingly hilly terrain throughout the city resulted in a small tear in my left Achilles. I spent the following weeks running sparingly on a grassy rugby field while nursing the injury. During the week before Christchurch, the injury seemed to have nearly healed, and I once again saw light at the end of the tunnel. However, during my easy pre race day, the tendon flared up again. The bus tickets, Airbnb, and race entry were already paid for, so I decided to make the trip and commit to the race if I felt okay the following morning.

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Dunedin, New Zealand and Running the World’s Steepest Street

I now find myself in Dunedin (du-nee-dən), New Zealand. Housesitting around the world certainly has its perks, and visiting far off places is just one of them.

A little far from home.
A little far from home.

This is the farthest south that I have ever traveled, and probably will travel, unless I muster an expedition to Terra Del Fuego or Antarctica (not a bad idea) in the coming years. The refreshingly crisp air and autumn foliage are unexpected gifts after envisioning a year of summer when I left the Northern Hemisphere last November. I may be far from home, but with a Selkirk Rex nestled in my lap and a fresh cup of java at hand, I’m feeling pretty content with where I am.

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