$25 Customized Training Schedules For Your Next 5k-Half Marathon!

Are you planning to run a 5k-half marathon this year, but don’t know if you are doing the right training? Perhaps you have reached a plateau in your racing performance and need a new approach to break through that barrier and obtain a new PR? Whether it’s your first time at the distance or your fiftieth, a customized training plan could be the key to unlocking your next top performance.

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Dunedin, New Zealand and Running the World’s Steepest Street

I now find myself in Dunedin (du-nee-dən), New Zealand. Housesitting around the world certainly has its perks, and visiting far off places is just one of them.

A little far from home.
A little far from home.

This is the farthest south that I have ever traveled, and probably will travel, unless I muster an expedition to Terra Del Fuego or Antarctica (not a bad idea) in the coming years. The refreshingly crisp air and autumn foliage are unexpected gifts after envisioning a year of summer when I left the Northern Hemisphere last November. I may be far from home, but with a Selkirk Rex nestled in my lap and a fresh cup of java at hand, I’m feeling pretty content with where I am.

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Running Hacks: How To Stop Paying For Shoes

Have you ever stopped to calculate how much money you’ve shelled out for running shoes over the course of your career? Well, I have and the numbers are staggering. Who knew that your running addiction would cost you as much as raising a child? Okay, it doesn’t cost you quite that much, but it’s not cheap!

Some people are proud of the number of trainers, flats, and spikes they’ve laid to rest over the years. They affectionately give each pair a name and track the hours and miles spent in each one as a testament to their durability. But for those of us putting in loads of miles each week, it’s more like a first date where you forget the girl’s name. You hardly feel acquainted with your sneakers before they are worn out and ready to be replaced.
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Conserving the Monuments of Wake Island

In the autumn of 2010 I traveled to one of the most remote places on earth, Wake Island.

Wake Island is a coral atoll composed of three islands (Wilkes, Wake, and Peale) and a reef surrounding a central lagoon. It is a mere blip on the map with a coastline of only 12 miles (19 km), but it holds significant importance in American history. Wake lies approximately 893 miles (1,437 km) north of the Marshall Islands, 2,300 miles (3,700 km) west of Hawaii, and 1,510 miles (2,430 km) to the east of Guam. The closest land is the uninhabited Bokak Atoll 348 miles (560 km) to the south east. As I said, it is quite remote.
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Traveling and Racing Abroad

I was living the runner’s dream, training in one of Americas most beloved running hubs: Portland, Oregon. It is easy to understand why so many great runners make this city their home. Nestled in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Portland conjures images of towering Douglas Firs as prevalent as the multitude of runners cruising the city parks, grinding out repeats on the track, or logging long, controlled miles along the beautiful waterfront. I was working in my field as an archaeologist and art conservation assistant, putting in many a rainy mile, enjoying the thriving brewpub scene with my closest friends, and testing prototype shoes for Nike World Headquarters. Things were, effectively, great.
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